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Long Island School, District #12 Blue Hill, ca. 1890

Contributed by Jonathan Fisher Memorial, Inc.
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Long Island School, District #12 Blue Hill, ca. 1890
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This was taken in the late 1800s of a group of students at a school house on Long Island in Blue Hill Bay. The school-house was located in the south central part of the island about 1/4 of a mile from the shore on the north side of the road.

Standing in the back row from left to right:
Calvin Carter, A. Phillips, Henry Hershy, Willy Leith, Cecil Gray, George Hershy, and the teacher Rev. Mr. Lombard.
2nd Row left to right:
Elston Carter, Carter girl, Elsie Phillips, Lizzie Phillips, Millie Leith, Tilley Chapman, Leon CHapman (standing), Stanley Leith, and George Dorr.
3rd Row mostly unknown, possibly Getchell and Carter boys, except for boy on the far right who is Sumner Duffy.

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